LegoMS Version 6.0

Dear Maplers,

In the recent months, we've been very inactive due to work commitments and we apologize for not updating the server and in the past week, we've been working on updates and we're happy that Version 6.0 of LegoMS is here.

The Download for Version 6.0 will be available soon and it is required to play LegoMS after our next scheduled maintenance. You may check back later for the Download Link.

These are the changes:

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January 2018 Server Update

Happy New Years, Maplers!

LegoMS will currently remain in Beta mode. Please contact us regarding any bugs or errors that you have faced ingame through our forum / discord.

We are also currently looking for applicants who are interested in joining LegoMS to improve our server and community as Game Developers / GameMasters / Graphic Designers! Those who are recruited can be rewarded an Adobe Creative Cloud. Contact Marcus via Discord for more information.

Thank you ...

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6th December 2017 Server Restart

Dear Maplers,

We'll be having a Server Restart on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 00:00:00 AM Server Time GMT+8 to fix some issues.

You may refer to our website for the server time and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you :)

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