LegoMS Version 6.0 - Posted by marcus on April 8, 2018

Dear Maplers,

In the recent months, we've been very inactive due to work commitments and we apologize for not updating the server and in the past week, we've been working on updates and we're happy that Version 6.0 of LegoMS is here.

The Download for Version 6.0 will be available soon and it is required to play LegoMS after our next scheduled maintenance. You may check back later for the Download Link.

These are the changes:

1. Login

Newly registered accounts will be asked to select Gender and a 4 digit PIN

2. Updated System

We've previously noticed that the server requires being reset once every few days and we've updated our System. The issue has been fixed and it includes some additional bug fixes and new features

3. Upgraded Server

The Server resources have been upgraded which means you'll have a smoother gameplay


And finally, we're now active than before! If you have an issue, feel free to let us know and we'll try our very best to assist you.

Server Status
Version 62
11x Experience Rate
3x Meso Rate
3x Drop Rate

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